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    Is Space R&D Truly Fostering A Better World For Our Future?


    This session solicits papers for a panel discussion focusing on the distinct benefits to society from products derived from space research and development (R&D). The goal of this session is to examine and discuss cases of both emerging and established goals, best practices, and associated outcomes of knowledge sharing, technology transfer, and technology commercialization programs as they relate specifically to societal benefits. Presenters will identify distinctive ways their organizations are promoting the relevance of space R&D to diverse societies. Attendees will develop a broader awareness of how they can also identify and promote the benefits of space R&D in order to influence broader support of space R&D investments. Panel Members are asked to introduce novel practices which: - Increase attendee understanding of how innovations resulting from space R&D have changed, and will continue to change, the world. - Promote productive thinking about optimizing space R&D investments in order to maximize societal benefits. - Increase the understanding of technology transfer policies and practices for both space and non-space utilization. - Demonstrate the correlation and synergies between technology transfer and STEM education for interdisciplinary space careers and technical entrepreneurship. - Measurably demonstrate the impact of innovation derived from space R&D when transferred into new products, services and processes.

    IPC members
    • Co-Chair: Prof. Olga Bannova, University of Houston, United States;

    • Co-Chair: Ms. Nona Minnifield Cheeks, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Goddard Space Flight Center, United States;

    • Rapporteur: Dr. Anna Barbara Imhof, Liquifer Systems Group (LSG), Austria;