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    The International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) Symposium on Small Satellite Missions is focused on recent advances in small satellite class missions weighing much less than 1000kg, addressing needs in government, commerce, or academia. Papers should focus on how microsatellites, nanosatellites, CubeSats and small and “megaconstellations” amongst others enable valuable results for the mission end-user. Papers should benefit the wider smallsat community, and demonstrate a degree of ingenuity and innovation in small satellite utilization, design, manufacture and/or engineering. Papers can report on important lessons-learned, describe notable missions in the planning stages, or include topics that demonstrate the value of small satellites and their constellations, their applications. Sessions cover the role that small satellites can play in developing space nations, science, exploration, “NewSpace”, communications and Earth Observation. Sessions also cover cost-effective operations, affordable and reliable access to space through launch, and emerging and promising smallsat technologies and techniques. This symposium will accept submissions for oral presentations only.

    IPC members
    • Coordinator: Mr. Alex da Silva Curiel, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL), United Kingdom;

    • Coordinator: Dr. Jian Guo, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands;

    • Support: Ms. Rhoda Shaller Hornstein, United States;





    1. 22nd Workshop on Small Satellite Programmes at the Service of Developing Countries

    2021-10-26 09:45

    Sheikh Rachid D

    2. Small Space Science Missions

    2021-10-25 15:15

    Sheikh Rachid D

    3. Small Satellite Operations

    2021-10-26 14:45

    Sheikh Rachid D

    4. Small Earth Observation Missions

    2021-10-27 09:45

    Sheikh Rachid D

    5. Access to Space for Small Satellite Missions

    2021-10-27 14:45

    Sheikh Rachid D

    5A-C4.8. Joint Session between IAA and IAF for Small Satellite Propulsion Systems

    2021-10-28 14:45

    Ajman D

    6A. Generic Technologies for Small/Micro Platforms

    2021-10-28 09:45

    Sheikh Rachid D

    6B. Generic Technologies for Nano/Pico Platforms

    2021-10-29 13:30

    Sheikh Rachid D

    7. Constellations and Distributed Systems

    2021-10-28 14:45

    Sheikh Rachid D

    8. Small Spacecraft for Deep-Space Exploration

    2021-10-29 09:45

    Sheikh Rachid D

    9-GTS.5. Small Satellite Missions Global Technical Session

    2021-10-28 14:45

    Dubai D GTS

    IP. Interactive Presentations - 28th IAA SYMPOSIUM ON SMALL SATELLITE MISSIONS

    2021-10-28 13:15

    IP Area