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    The Space Systems Symposium, organized by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), addresses the present and future development of space systems, architectures, and technologies, with sessions on System Engineering Methods, Processes, and Tools; Enabling Technologies for Space Systems; Significant Achievements in space systems with implications for Lessons Learned and future Training and Practice; Advanced System Architectures; Cooperative Space Systems, and Innovative and Visionary Space Systems of the future.

    IPC members
    • Coordinator: Dr. Reinhold Bertrand, European Space Agency (ESA), Germany;

    • Coordinator: Ms. Jill Prince, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), United States;





    1. Innovative and Visionary Space Systems

    2021-10-25 15:15

    Al Ain J

    2. Space Systems Architectures

    2021-10-26 09:45

    Al Ain J

    3. Technologies to Enable Space Systems

    2021-10-26 14:45

    Al Ain J

    4A. Space Systems Engineering - Methods, Processes and Tools (1)

    2021-10-28 09:45

    Al Ain J

    4B. Space Systems Engineering - Methods, Processes and Tools (2)

    2021-10-28 14:45

    Al Ain J

    5. Lessons Learned in Space Systems: Achievements, Challenges, Best Practices, Standards.

    2021-10-29 09:45

    Al Ain J

    6. Cooperative and Robotic Space Systems

    2021-10-29 13:30

    Al Ain J

    IP. Interactive Presentations - IAF SPACE SYSTEMS SYMPOSIUM

    2021-10-28 13:15

    IP Area