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    This symposium, organized by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), will address two major issues regarding safe and secure operations of space systems via two separate sessions: i) policy, legal, institutional and economic aspects of space debris detection, mitigation and removal, jointly with the IAA Symposium on Space Debris, and, ii) cyber security threats to space missions and countermeasures to address them, jointly with the IAA Symposium on Safety, Quality and Knowledge Management on Space Activities. Papers dealing with non-technical aspects of space debris mitigation and removal, as well as planetary defence against asteroid impact threats, and case studies focusing on countermeasures needs, including cryptography processes, operational security, supply chain and other aspects relevant to ensure a “cyber secure” mission will be well received in this Symposium.

    IPC members
    • Coordinator: Prof. Serge Plattard, University College London (UCL), United Kingdom;

    • Coordinator: Mr. Stefano Zatti, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy;





    1-A6.8. Political, Legal, Institutional and Economic Aspects of Space Debris Mitigation and Removal - STM Security

    2021-10-29 09:45

    Sheikh Rachid C

    2. Cyber-based security threats to space missions: establishing the legal, institutional and collaborative framework to counteract them

    2021-10-28 14:45

    Al Ain B

    IP. Interactive Presentations - IAF SYMPOSIUM ON SPACE SECURITY

    2021-10-28 13:15

    IP Area