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    The Earth Observation Symposium, organized by the International Astronautical Federation (IAF), covers all aspects of Earth observations from space, including observations related to the Earth’s environment, societal and economic benefit. Aspects include programs, constellations, missions, and systems; microwave and optical sensors; land, oceanographic, atmospheric, geological, geophysical, societal, economic, and business; the associated science, ground data-processing, applications and services; through all life cycle phases from research and technology through, planning, conceptualization, development, commissioning, operations, retirement and historical retrospective. Participation is encouraged from all sectors including institutional (including Government, Agencies, multi-lateral, non-Governmental, Academic) and Commercial.

    IPC members
    • Coordinator: Mr. Luís Ferreira, Airbus Defence and Space, Germany;

    • Coordinator: Mr. Harry A. Cikanek, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), United States;





    1. International Cooperation in Earth Observations

    2023-10-02 15:15

    BCC B1

    2. Earth Observation Systems

    2023-10-03 15:00

    BCC B1

    3. Earth Observation Sensors and Technology

    2023-10-04 10:15

    BCC B1

    4. Earth Observation Data Systems and Technology

    2023-10-04 15:00

    BCC B1

    5. Earth Observation Societal and Economic Applications, Challenges and Benefits

    2023-10-05 10:15

    BCC B1

    6. Assessing and Mitigating the Global Freshwater Crisis

    2023-10-05 15:00

    BCC B1

    7. Earth Observations to address Earth’s Environment and Climate Challenges

    2023-10-06 10:15

    HAC Museum GA

    IP. Interactive Presentations - IAF EARTH OBSERVATION SYMPOSIUM

    IPB. Interactive Presentations - IAF EARTH OBSERVATION SYMPOSIUM

    LBA. Late Breaking Abstracts (LBA)