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    The Space Propulsion Symposium addresses sub-orbital, Earth to orbit and in-space propulsion. The general areas considered include both chemical and non-chemical rocket propulsion, air-breathing propulsion, and combined air-breathing and rocket systems. Typical specific propulsion categories of interest are liquid, solid and hybrid rocket systems, ramjet, scramjet, detonation-based propulsion and various combinations of air-breathing and rocket propulsion and nuclear, electric, solar and other advanced rocket systems, and propulsion systems dedicated to small satellites. The Symposium also welcomes contributions on component technologies, the operation and application to missions of overall propulsion systems, and unique propulsion test facilities.

    IPC members
    • Coordinator: Dr. Angelo Cervone, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands;

    • Coordinator: Mrs. Elena Toson, Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), Italy;

    • Coordinator: Prof. Riheng Zheng, Beihang University, China;

    • Coordinator: Mr. Christophe Bonhomme, Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES), France;





    1. Liquid Propulsion (1)

    2. Liquid Propulsion (2)

    3. Solid and Hybrid Propulsion (1)

    4. Solid and Hybrid Propulsion (2)

    5. Electric Propulsion (1)

    6. Electric Propulsion (2)

    7. Hypersonic Air-breathing and Combined Cycle Propulsion, and Hypersonic Vehicle

    8-B4.5A. Joint Session between IAA and IAF for Small Satellite Propulsion Systems

    9. Disruptive Propulsion Concepts for Enabling New Missions

    10-C3.5. Joint Session on Nuclear Power and Propulsion Systems, and Propellantless Propulsion

    IP. Interactive Presentations - IAF SPACE PROPULSION SYMPOSIUM