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    38th IAA/IISL Scientific Legal Roundtable: "Cyberspace Security in Outer Space: Scientific, Technical and Legal Dimensions of a Dilemma"


    (Invited papers only, please do not submit abstracts as these will be rejected) Outer space and cyberspace are realms opened to human exploration and exploitation through scientific discovery, technological innovation and increasingly, commercial application. Spacecraft operating in near-earth orbital regions or in inter-planetary expanses rely on forms of electronic communication, often referred to as “cyberspace” to carry out their missions. Best practices and usage norms to ensure safe passage through outer space have evolved as direct counterparts to the rules and norms governing use of the radio spectrum and telecommunications technologies to avoid harmful, mission-endangering radio frequency interference. The technological shift to Internet-based telecommunications infrastructures is exposing space-based systems to terrestrial cyber-disruptions that are challenging long-standing technological practices and governance regimes in outer space. On-going earthbound military hostilities employing cyber-disruptions rooted in Internet network architectural vulnerabilities are already disabling or interfering with space-based communications. This IAA-IISL Roundtable will discuss whether scientific/technological trends as well as governance institutions and rules are sufficient to ensure space activities and systems may operate in a setting of cyber-security and not cyber-disruption.






    Green Hall 3

    IPC members
    • Rapporteur: Dr. Nicola Rohner-Willsch, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR), Germany;