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    The Global Technical Symposium (GTS) is designed to offer a modern and eclectic platform at the IAC for sharing technical content to an open minded audience on-site but also online! Jointly organized by associated technical committees and the Workforce Development-Young Professional Programme Committee, these sessions are similar to the conventional technical sessions in terms of abstract selection and paper submissions. However, in addition to the on-site presentation of the technical papers, these sessions are also broadcast online. Authors are allowed to present remotely or on-site, and participants are also allowed to listen to the session from the comfort of their homes or at their workplaces in addition to the IAC venue. The IAF hopes that this approach will enable more students and young professionals without the ability to join IAC on-site to contribute to discussion at the IAC.

    IPC members
    • Coordinator: Ms. Stephanie Wan, Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), United States;

    • Coordinator: Dr. Seyed Ali Nasseri, Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), Canada;





    1-E6.5. Entrepreneurship Around the World

    2024-10-16 15:00

    Yellow Hall 1

    2-B3.9. Human Spaceflight Global Technical Session

    2024-10-18 13:45

    Yellow Hall 1

    3-B2.8. Space Communications and Navigation Global Technical Session

    2024-10-14 15:30

    Yellow Hall 1

    4-E2.3. Student Team Competition

    2024-10-15 15:00

    Yellow Hall 1

    5-B4.9. Small Satellite Missions Global Technical Session

    2024-10-17 15:00

    Yellow Hall 1