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  • 2. Mobile Communications and Satellite Navigation Technology


    1. the application of UPF algorithm in the GPS/INS integrated navigation

    2. Application of Grey System Theory in Modeling Pseudo-range Measurements

    3. a spacecraft relative navigation algorithm based on quasi-mean orbit element differences

    4. Dynamic Communications for Small Satellites Using Disruption Tolerant Network Concepts

    5. A fault tolerance method using the multiple hypotheses Wald sequential probability ratio test for integer ambiguity resolution.

    6. Location Selection of Mobile Ground Station

    7. analytical approach of qos-guaranteed call admission control and handover management scheme in multiservice leo satellite networks

    8. Performance analysis and research of tactics DataLink relative navigation

    9. Local Area Navigation System using Pseudolite Transceiver and Two-way Measuring Technique

    10. carrier phase-based raim using a gaussian sum filter

    11. GPS/INS Integrated Navigation System for Precise Navigation of High Dynamic Aero Vehicles

    12. False Alarm Reduction Method for Formation Flying Spacecraft FDI

    13. CDGPS(Carrier Phase Differential GPS) based naviagtion system for an automated ground vehicle

    14. A Study on Autonomous Video Navigation Sensor in Close Range with a Cooperative Target