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  • 6. Advanced Systems


    1. A new low-complexity differential detection technique, fractional multi-bit differential detection (FMDD) for supporting future space communications

    2. SpaceWire Missions and Architectures

    3. A Global Integrated Network for Security (GINS)

    4. Flight Dynamics Automations to Support Next Generation of SDARS Satellite Operations

    5. Autonomous Antenna Pointing under the Impact of Unpredictable Platform Movement

    6. Electrical Performance of Large Deployable Reflector Antenna equipped on Engineering Test Satellite (ETS-VIII)

    7. Synchronization Analysis for Chaotic Communication on a Satellite Formation Flying

    8. Designing optimum solutions for lossless data compression in space

    9. In Space Verification of the Pico-Satellite S-Band Transmitter "HISPICO" on a Sounding Rocket

    10. Application of Compound Parabolic Concentrator in Space-Based Laser Communication

    11. Study on Inter-Satellite-Links Establishment between Different Orbit Constellations for Mobile telecommunication