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  • 2. Enabling Technologies for Space Systems


    1. Spacecraft Architectures for Real-Time Compression, Handling and Transmission of High Data Rates

    2. From large to small Earth Observation satellites: wide range of applications for Data Handling and Transmission Payload

    3. Innovative Reed-Solomon Coding-Decoding Component For Flash Memory Based Solid State Recorder File Systems

    4. New concepts of TT&C and payload telemetry communication subsystems for small satellites

    5. Bio-ISRU: Concepts using microorganisms to release O2 and H2 on Moon and Mars

    6. Design, Construction and Validation of an Autonomous, Intelligent, Robotic Arm for On Orbit Satellite Capture

    7. innovative 3D imaging system for space applications

    8. Integrated Sensor Interface and Actuation Control for Lunar Surface Exploration

    9. overview of a compact optical sar processor prototype for space-based applications


    11. Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Formation Flying Space Sensor Networks