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  • 2. Novel Concepts and Technologies for the Exploration and Utilization of Space


    1. Turning Heads Towards Space: Bringing Diverse Interests Together To Meet Requirements of Space

    2. Mass Attraction Effects for Drag-Free Satellite

    3. Aryavarta - a project to shift satellite orbits for interplanetary missions

    4. On-orbit servicing of a geostationary satellite fleet - Olev as a novel concept for future telecommunication services

    5. DEXARM Engineering Model Design, Development and Testing

    6. Probabilistic Integration of integrated gold mineral potential maps using GIS

    7. actual problems of mankind: approaches for their solving

    8. Extrapolating Principles from the Creative Commons and Free Software Schemes Found in Intellectual Property to the Exploitation of Space Resources

    9. AdSat: Launching Space Advertising to the Next Level