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  • 6. Microgravity Sciences onboard the International Space Station and Beyond


    1. Italian Space Agency. The national Utilization of the International Space Station: 2001-2010 and beyond

    2. Experiments in Microgravity: the Indian Perspective.

    3. MELFI pool complete on board the ISS with third freezer tested in 2010

    4. Operational results of the Materials Science Laboratory after one year in-orbit

    5. High Quality Protein Crystal Growth Experiment onbord “Kibo”

    6. Shape memory epoxy foams for aerospace: experimentation on ISS

    7. investigation of marangoni convection in international space station

    8. ‘GeoFlow I and II’ - fluid physics experiments onboard ISS for modeling convection phenomena in Earth’ outer core and mantle

    9. IVIDIL experiment on the ISS

    10. DSC (diffusion and Soret coefficients) on SODI MSG : towards full et of transport coefficients in ternary organic liquids mixtures

    11. Thermodiffusion of Binary and Ternary Fluid Mixture in the Reduced Gravity Environment of the International Space Station

    12. iris (image reversal in space) - the effects of microgravity on perception of depth-reversible figures

    13. SPEED: Small Payload Express Earth Delivery