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  • DSC (diffusion and Soret coefficients) on SODI MSG : towards full et of transport coefficients in ternary organic liquids mixtures

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    Prof. Stefan Van Vaerenbergh, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium



    The Diffusion and Soret Coefficients (DSC) experiment aims to fully analyse the diffusion coefficients ( isothermal inter and cross diffusion , and Soret coefficients) of ternary hydrocarbons ternary systems, and of binary water alcohol close to demixtion. We here report first results obtained during the experiment that was carried on board the ISS, on the MSG, in February, March and April, with the SODI facility, equiped with thermal controls and with a twoo wavelengths Mach-Zehder interferometer.
    This is performed in conjuction with ground studies of binary systems.
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