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  • 1. 13th UN/IAA Workshop on Small Satellite Programmes at the Service of Developing Countries


    1. Architectures of Small Satellite Programs in Developing Countries

    2. UAE & the Space Industry – Through the Lens of DubaiSat

    3. Increasing the Value of Small Satellite Programs for Developing Countries

    4. Small Satellite Missions- Providing Cost Effective Smart Solutions to the Society in Developing countries

    5. Progress in the Brazilian INPE-UFSM NANOSATC-BR Cubesat Program

    6. Multistatic Small Satellite Network for Oil Monitoring in Nigeria

    7. The impact of an aerospace organization in developing countries: the Central American case

    8. Open Source Student Satellites: Benefits and Implementation

    9. Changing the Paradigm: A New Approach to Satellite Design

    10. Satellite programs of Azerbaijan

    11. The guidebook on small satellite programs: management of an international team, lessons learned, and future visions