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  • Hot structures applications for next generation RLV’s – the ASA program status and its possible evolution

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    Mr. F.A. Fossati, Alenia Spazio, Italy



    The hot structures development is a task envisaged as critical in the framework of the feasibility of an RLV.
    The availability of materials and architectures able to work simultaneously as primary structure and as TPS could lead to significant mass savings, joined to other advantages coming from the implementations of the lessons learned in the system studies performed meanwhile in terms of safety, health management system implementation and maintainability.
    ALENIA SPAZIO is leading the program ASA under ASI contract, where a team of Italian industries is developing some new materials and techniques oriented to the realization of a wing entirely conceived as hot structure.
    The paper is giving an outlook on the reasons for the choice of architectures based upon an hot structure, distinguishing the vehicles candidates for its implementation mainly in base of their operative and economic constraints.
    In same time an overview of the results achieved in the frame of the ASA program is given with reference to the development activities to be performed and to the possible program’s evolution, also taking into consideration the panorama of experimental re-entry vehicles foreseen for the next years.
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