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  • 6. Space Vehicles - Mechanical/Thermal/Fluidic Systems


    1. The Design and Test for Window Thermal Protection and Sealed Structure of "SHENZHOU" Spacecraft

    2. The Solar Orbiter Thermal Design

    3. Space Simulation: Designing Update Tools for Spacecraft Thermal Vacuum Tests

    4. Numerical and Experimental Studies on Circulation of Working Fluid in Liquid Droplet Radiator

    5. The Multipurpose Expandable Module Concept for future Space missions and overall description on the material validation

    6. Multidimensional Heat Flux Prediction From Surface Heating Rate Data with DFT Error Analysis

    7. A Method for Indentifying Thermal Characteristics of Aerospace Anisotrope Composite Materials

    8. Three-dimensional Finite Element Analysis on The Connecting Structure between Back-joint and Fixed body of Solid Rocket Motor

    9. Hot structures applications for next generation RLV’s – the ASA program status and its possible evolution

    10. Small Thermal Vacuum Chamber for Measurements of Thermal Contact Resistance and Thermal Conductivity

    11. Lessons learned from the Recovered Heatshield of the USERS REV Capsule