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  • 2. Propulsion Systems II


    1. Recent Advances in Cryogenic Solid Propellant Multiple Hybrid Combustion

    2. A new Continuous Mixing Facility for the Demonstration of Solid Propulsion Technologies of Future ELV

    3. ARIANE 5 SRM Nozzle Evolution

    4. Potential performance upgrade by the use of an extendible nozzle on ARIANE 5

    6. Characteristics of Dynamic Load on Nozzle Extension of Extendible Nozzle

    8. Design Criterion of the Dual-Bell Nozzle Contour

    9. Prototyping and Experimental Characterization of a Micropropulsion System based on Supersonic Cold-Gas and Warm-Gas Micronozzles

    10. Investigation of LPRE operation features at modes of preliminary stage and deep throttling