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  • E3. Symposium on Space Exploration: Policy, Economic and Legal Issues (IAA 5.13.)


    1. Policy and Legal Issues Associated with Space Exploration

    2. Space Exploration and International Cooperation

    3. The Economics of Space Exploration, Are There Commercial Opportunities?

    4. Scientific-Legal Round Table on Space Traffic Management (IAA.5.13/IISL): Space traffic already takes place. But the investigation of space traffic and its management has only recently become a point of wider discussion. The centerpiece of this Round-Table is the presentation and discussion of an international interdisciplinary study project by IAA, which has been conducted between 2001 and 2005.This study, for the first time, comprises an in-depth analysis of the technical and regulatory features of space traffic. In the form of findings and recommendations it draws the picture of a space traffic management regime, which might come into operation by 2020. Invited papers to the Round-Table will cover the most prominend aspects of space traffic management and lead to a discussion of the concept. A panel discussion will be held at the end of the round-table.