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  • 1. Legal Issues Related to New Developments in Space Applications: Navigation, Remote Sensing and GIS


    1. The UN Principles on Remote Sensing today

    2. Global Earth Observation for Compliance of International Environmental Agreements

    3. Legal Issues Relating to Convergence of Imaging, Positioning and Spatial Databases

    4. Asia Satellite Centre –Its Case Study in Tsunami Disaster

    5. Regulatory Framework for the Distribution of Remote Sensing Data: Germanys Draft Legislation on Safeguarding Security Interests

    6. The Policy for Commercializing CBERS Data

    7. The Demise of “Open Skies?”: Commercial Remote Sensing in an Age of Terror

    8. The Search for New Institutional Models of International Remote Sensing Activities

    9. Legal Aspect of implementing World Heritage Convention using Remote Sensing Data

    10. Problem of Coordination the Use of National GNSS System

    11. Possibilities of Economic Instruments in the Further Development of the Law of Outer Space