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  • 5. Advanced Systems


    1. Development of High-speed Network for WINDS

    2. Skyswitch: the conceptual design of the Chinese broadband multimedia communication satellite system

    3. General hardware and software design considerations about the satellite on-board ATM switch

    4. Design of Protocol for Broadband Multimedia Satellite Communication Network System

    5. LUX – A Small, Versatile GEO-Platform for Turnkey Systems

    6. Orbital Traffic Management for Non-GEO Systems

    7. Anomalies Influence Analysis of the Remote Synchronization System RESSOX for the Japanese Quasi-Zenith Satellite System

    8. An Integrated Navigation System Based on Autonomous Decentralized Technology

    9. Coherent optical array receiver for ppm signals in the presence of atmospheric turbulence

    10. Optical Inter-Orbit Communication Engineering Test Satellite (OICETS)