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  • 4. Orbital Dynamics


    1. Accurate Transformations Of Coordinates And Construction Of Observation Vector Of Lunar Satellite In The Wake Of IAU2000A Precession Nutation Model

    2. Optimal Trajectories for NEO Deflection

    3. Epicycle Analysis of the LISA Orbits

    4. Solar Sail Surfing Along Families Of Equilibrium Points

    5. Mission Design to Binary Asteroid Systems

    6. Fourth Order Theories For Orbit Predictions For Low And High Eccentricity Orbits In An Oblate Atmosphere With Scale Height Dependent On Altitude

    7. Discrimination Of Boosted Trajectories Among Several Radar Observed Objects

    8. Transfer To The Collinear Libration Point L3 In The Sun--Earth+Moon System

    9. ESA' s Novel Gravitational Modelling of Planetary Bodies

    10. Study of the Potential of Irregular Shaped Bodies and Orbits Around a Non-Spherical Body