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  • 6. Guidance and Control


    1. Guidance, Navigation, and Control experiments on the PRISMA in-orbit test bed

    2. Autonomous Guidance & Control of Earth-Orbiting Formation Flying Spacecraft: Closing the Loop

    3. GNC concept definition for RendezVous Mission in Mars Elliptical Orbit

    4. Autonomous Guidance for Minimum-Time Transfers to Geostationary Orbits Using Solar Electric Propulsion

    5. Guidance for LEO Transfers Using Optimized Electric Buffered Propulsion

    6. Optimal Control Algorithms for Fuel Efficient Soft- Landing on Lunar Surface

    7. Development of an end-to-end Simulator for a Re-Usable Launch Vehicle

    8. Closed Loop Guidance Algorithm For Low Thrust Ballistic Re-entry Vehicle

    9. Continuous Thrust Formation Maneuvering Around the Libration Points