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  • session 8
  • 8. Attitude Dynamics, Modelling and Determination


    1. Control Of Dynamic Attitude Disturbances On Spacecrafts Equipped With Robotic Systems For Orbital Maintenance

    2. Choice of Magnetic Attitude Control System for Nanosatellites

    3. ESOC Precise Flight Dynamics Emulation for the GOCE Mission

    4. Investigation On Feasibility Of New Spin Control Method For Spinning Solar Sail

    5. Attitude-Motion Estimation of Tumbling Objects Using Visible Region Information

    6. Innovative Control Scheme for the VENµS Mission

    7. Precession Control Of An Antisymmetric Spinning Spacecraft

    8. Use Of Inertial And Satellite Navigation Systems For Time Reduction Of The Space Satellite Initial Attitude

    9. Attitude Determination with only One Reference Vector for On-Orbit Spin Stabilized Geostationary Satellites