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  • Paving the way for a European Data Relay satellite operational mssion: the challenge ahead

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    Mr. Manfred Wittig, European Space Agency (ESA), The Netherlands



    In an overall context characterised by the stagnation of the institutional and commercial sectors, the future growth of the space activities is mainly linked to the capability of the space actors to demonstrate to new categories of users the potential of space solutions to satisfy their needs. The role of the users of space infrastructure is therefore becoming more and more important in the future perspective of the European Space Agency. The special relationship with the space industry which has dominated the Agency’s approach from the outset, and which has served to build up the European space capability, now has to be complemented with a strong and structured relationship with users. In this logic, following the very successful results of the ARTEMIS pre-operational mission capable to meet several users demands such as  ENVISAT, SPOT and ATV,  ESA is now setting up the necessary programmatic infrastructure to generate a future sustainable European Data Relay mission. The key objectives of this paper is to outline the driving user needs of such mission, the key system trade off and associated technological challenges as well as the overall partnership strategy with the commercial stakeholders.
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