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  • 6. Communication Satellite Infrastructure and Economics


    1. Satellite Network Simulation Architecture Based on Semantic Verification

    2. Technological piggybacks: a way to prepare the future of communication satellites

    3. China Enhanced DFH-4 Platform Overview

    4. features and benefits of satellite based fixed mobile convergence system

    5. Chaotic Communication on a Satellite Cluster Formation Flying System

    6. "Watch the Birdie" … from Space

    7. Space-borne Radio Monitoring

    8. Paving the way for a European Data Relay satellite operational mssion: the challenge ahead

    9. A Direct-to-Mobile Video Broadcasting satellite system

    10. Study of Precise Positioning for stratospheric Airship-based GPS Augmentation System

    11. Space-enabled information environment for crisis management II. Evaluation in an operational environment