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  • Satellite Network Simulation Architecture Based on Semantic Verification

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    Dr. Qi Lin, The Academy of Equipment Command & Technology, China


    Mr. Zhang Xiong, Beihang University, China



    Although there are abundant achievements in the area of satellite network simulation, research works of satellite network simulation are rather dispersed and independent. There are no formal descriptions for the simulation objects, which leads to the lack of semantic support in the satellite network simulation. In order to guarantee the reusability and interoperability of heterogeneous models and services in satellite network simulation and provide verification support, a method based on ontology engineering is designed and tested. Based on the concept of simulation verification with semantic support we proposed, the purpose and requirements of applying ontology engineering in satellite network simulation are identified and the three-dimension views of the simulation architecture are proposed. The content of satellite network ontology is defined, and ontology model is set up with predicates description. A test is performed according to a specific simulation task of simulation of coverage characteristics in satellite network, in which the ontology model is developed in protege( a ontology-based integrated tool) and its semantic is verified by Pellet( a OWL-DL reasoner). A simulation application is developed according to the consistent simulation instance generated, and analysis results are provided. This approach can provide knowledge sharing and semantic verification support to the development of satellite network simulation system. It is concluded that the simulation architecture can ensure the semantic correctness of simulation applications and it is feasible to apply ontology engineering in the area of satellite network simulation.
    Key words: satellite network; simulation; semantic verification; ontology engineering 
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