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  • session 5
  • 5. Future human space endeavours; civil and commercial


    1. Human Space Flight Future: The Significance of Convergence of Outer Space and Cyberspace for the development of a space travel mass market.

    2. Evolution of Government and Industrial Partnerships to Open the Space Frontier

    3. Enabling science for future human space exploration endeavours.

    4. Piloted Operations at a Near-Earth Object (NEO)

    5. The Hawaiian Islands: Stepping Stones to the Stars!

    6. The role the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight plays in enabling the growth of human spaceflight related business enterprises.

    7. Surface Exploration Metrics of a Long Duration Polar Analogue Study: Implications for Future Moon and Mars Missions


    9. Lessons Learned from Analogue Mars Surface Suits: Applications for Next Generation Analogue Suits and Moon-Mars Surface Suits

    10. A Systematic Crew Selection Process For Mars Analogue Training Expeditions

    11. Liability in relation to injuries suffered by space tourists

    12. Dancing on the Moon: Athletic and Aesthetic Performance as a Low-Gravity-Enabled Social and Business Phenomenon