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  • 6. Mission and Constellation Design


    1. control strategies of formation flying using solar sail propulsion in the vicinity of collinear points

    2. Formation Flying of a Telescope/Occulter System with Large Separations in an L2 Libration Orbit

    3. Design of the Europa Jupiter System Mission

    4. Spacecraft Formation Flying using Bifurcating Potential Field Methods

    5. Precise Relative Navigation for highly variable baselines using Carrier-based Differential GPS

    6. Collision and Evaporation Avoidance for Spacecraft Formation

    7. using a week gravity effect for correction of the asteroid apophis orbit

    8. Mission Design for the ESA Cosmic-Vision Missions to L2

    9. Reviews on Rendezvous and Docking Mission Planning: Problem, Constraint and Software

    10. Design, navigation and control of relative motion for INSAR and BSAR formations

    11. Spacecraft Formation Flying: Design and Control in LEO

    12. Cross-Scale Mission Analysis