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  • 1. Joint session with Space Systems Sympsium on IAA Study "Solar Energy from Space"


    1. Solar Energy from Space: An International Assessment of Opportunities, Issues and Potential Pathways Forward

    2. Power to survive during the Moon night: an SPS application?

    3. Feasibility Study of Multi-bus Tethered-SPS

    4. Solar Thermal Power as an alternative technology for large Space Based Solar Power applications

    5. summary of concept study for space solar power systems at usef

    6. Orbiter Demonstration for Solar Power Satellite of Sandwich Type

    7. LIC (Lunar Industrial Complex) - Moon as a Potential Industrial Base for Earth and Mars

    8. Constraints on the Design of a Lunar-to-Earth Wireless Power Transmission System

    9. Introduction to EPS (Electrical Power Subsystem) of STSAT-3 (Science and Technology SATellite-3).

    10. A High Performance, Very Low Cost Power System for Microspacecraft