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  • 8. New missions enabled by Extra-large launchers


    1. Update on the Ares V to Support Heavy Lift for U.S. Space Exploration Policy

    2. Ares V and Future Very Large Launch Vehicles to Enable Major Astronomical Missions

    3. Ares V: Application to Solar System Scientific Exploration

    4. An 8 Meter Monolithic UV/Optical Space Telescope

    5. C3 Performance of the Ares-I Launch Vehicle and its Capabilities for Lunar and Interplanetary Science Missions

    6. Large Aperture Telescopes for Launch with the Ares V Launch Vehicle

    7. Benefits of Ares-V Capability for Complex Missions

    8. The Generation-X mission: benefits of a heavy lift capability

    9. Science Missions Enabled by the Ares-V