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  • 1. “Hands-On” Space Education


    1. A Spacecraft Simulator as an Educational Tool for the New Generation of Aerospace Professionals

    2. esa hands-on projects education strategy

    3. The CNES parabolic flight campaigns opportunities for pupils and students. From scientific education to the triggering of a professional vocation?

    4. REXUS and BEXUS – a Swedish–German co-operation for University Student Experiments on Rockets and Balloons

    5. The Dutch CanSat competition: How 350 secundary school pupils compete to build the most innovative 'satellite' in a soda can.

    6. Mission Analysis of the HiNCube Pico Satellite Project

    7. Expresso and Perseus: Student-led Innovation in Space Systems’ Projects

    8. University High Power Rocketry at Woomera Rocket Range Australia

    9. POLIMI-DIA Concurrent Design Facility to train future system engineers

    10. RiBB Schoolsat Programme - First results of how to use university satellites to encurage secondary school students to pursue technical careers.

    11. Tomatosphere: Involving Young Students in the Life Support Needs of Future Astronauts

    12. Educational Ground Station Based on Software Defined Radio