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  • 1. Private International Law Regarding Space Activities


    1. regarding formation of the international space private law

    2. Achieving a Level Playing Field in Public Private Partnerships: Can Sovereign Immunity Upset the Balance?

    3. Capability and Fair Return in European and International Space Cooperation: the Example of Columbus

    4. Space tourism: private law implications

    5. The need for commercial risk reduction in private manned activities in outer space: A proposal for a regulatory evolution

    6. The need for a uniform law system protecting intellectual property rights in outer space

    7. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in cases of Damage from Space - the Advent of the Most Suitable Choice in Europe - Rome II

    8. Liability from the launch of a space object as a matter of private law

    9. Interoperability of GNSS, legal issues and implications

    10. The future of the UNIDROIT Draft Space Protocol: legal proposals to encourage the participation of private financiers in space activities

    11. The UNIDROIT Draft Of A Space Assets Protocol - A Civil Law Instrument Under A Public Framework

    12. CISG and the Final Frontier: Contracting for the Sale of Goods and the Risk of Loss in Outer Space

    13. Which Laws Will Govern Private Space Travel, Commercial Space Mining and Commercial Space Settlements?