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  • Weaponisation of Outer Space and International Rule of Law

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    Prof. Haifeng Zhao, Harbin Institute of Technology School of Law, China



    The weaponisation caused by the placement of weapons in outer space and the threat or the use of force against outer space objects and other related military activities in outer space may result in space race and become a new threat for the peaceful exploration and use of outer space. In order to keep outer space from turning into an arena for military confrontation, and to eliminate the danger to international peace and security, to guarantee the rights of peaceful exploration and use of outer space, and to establish the international rule of law in outer space, we need a solution for this problem. Both space faring and non-space faring countries should make their efforts together, by means of the elaboration of multilateral and bilateral treaties to ban the deployment of weapons in outer space, and of monitoring the enforcement of these treaties. This paper overviews firstly the evolution of the laws and regulations in the partial demilitarization of outer space and its problems, then analyzes the necessity and the content of the draft “Treaty on the Prevention of the Placement of Weapons in Outer Space, the Threat or Use of Force Against outer Space Objects” jointly submitted by China and Russia during the disarmament Conference of the UN in February 2008.  
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