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  • 3. Weaponisation of Outer Space in the Light of the Outer Space Treaty, Part B


    1. Some Legal Problems on the Prevention of Proliferation of Weapons in Outer Space

    2. Outer Space: Arena for War or Peace

    3. Updating the Outer Space Treaty - a US perspective

    4. Legal aspects relating to Disarmament, Space Control, Space Situational Awareness and International Space Traffic Management

    5. Limits on Space Weapons: Incorporating the Law of War into the Corpus Juris Spatialis

    6. Distintion between Militarisation and Weaponisation of Outer Space, A Misleading Concept

    7. Weaponization of Outer Space and Impact on Peaceful Uses

    8. Space Debris - The Threat to Commercial Use of Space

    9. Star Wars of The Third Millennium: Legal Implications of Satellite Shooting

    10. Need of the Hour: A Regulatory Framework for the Military Use of Outer Space

    11. Weaponisation of Outer Space and International Rule of Law

    12. The 2008 Russia / China Proposal for a Treaty to Ban Weapons in Space: A Missed Opportunity or an Opening Gambit?

    13. Breaking from the Past: A new Approach to Space Security

    14. Issues Arisen from Destruction of Satellites by Missiles

    15. Issues on the Asia-Pacific Outer Space Cooperation and Sino-Russian Treaty of Peaceful Use of the Outer Space