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  • session 2A
  • 2A. Moon Exploration - Part 1


    1. SMART-1 Results and Lessons for Future Lunar Exploration

    2. KAGUYA Mission Summary

    3. chandrayaan-1 Onorbit Experience

    4. High resolution remote sensing study of the Moon: Results from the Chandrayaan-1 mission

    5. Kaguya mission and science overview

    6. Introduction to the Scientific Objectives and the Payloads of CHANG’E-2 Lunar Satellite

    7. AMALIA Mission: the Italian answer to the Google Lunar X Prize challenge

    8. The Conceptual Design of the Team Italia AMALIA Mission Rover, candidate for Google Lunar X Prize Challenge

    9. MoonLITE - A UK-led lunar penetrator mission

    10. with amsat and dlr to moon and mars