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  • MoonLITE - A Low Cost Lunar Scientific and Technology Demonstration Mission – A Project Update

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    Mr. Andy Phipps, Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, United Kingdom



    The next few decades involve a dramatically increased interest in lunar exploration for the purpose of developing a permanent human and robotic presence on the Moon, both for science and for space exploration objectives. This renewed interest is broad and international, involving space agencies from the USA, Europe, China, India, Japan, Russia, Germany, UK, and others.  
    The UK's Science & Technology Facilities Council supported a study of low-cost lunar orbiter and lander missions in 2006.  This enabled the identification of low-cost lander and orbiter concepts which could be affordable within the UK budget.  The UK is now developing a national mission called MoonLITE which will prepare it for a major role in the international programme of space exploration.  This mission will carry several miniaturised scientific payloads to the moon aiming to provide more extensive data on Moonquakes and the lunar subsurface environment.  In addition, the orbiter could accommodate communications relay and navigation payloads to demonstrate future support for international missions.    
     The UK industrial project team, led by SSTL, are mid-way through a Phase-A (concept development) study. This paper details this low-cost approach and shall present the preliminary designs of the mission and spacecraft platform, as well as the major trades-offs being considered.  
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