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  • 2INT. Moon Exploration - Part 3 (Interactive Session)


    1. Low Cost Lunar Penetrator for Scientific Investigation of the Moons Subsurface

    2. MoonLITE - A Low Cost Lunar Scientific and Technology Demonstration Mission – A Project Update

    3. Investigation into Thermal Management for Lunar Extravehicular Activities (EVA) and Related Equipment

    4. Trade-off Study and Conceptual Design of Onboard Propulsion System for Korean Lunar Orbiter

    5. Optimization Design of Trans-Earth Injection Using Two Step Solution Technique

    6. Exploration and Communications Coverage Trade Studies for the International Lunar Relay Satellite

    7. analysis of automatic lunar exploring missions

    8. Investigation into Thermal Management for Lunar Extravehicular Activities (EVA) and Related Equipment

    9. Studies on Attitude Acquisition of Lunar Satellite Based on Ultra-Violet Lunar Sensor

    10. analysis and simulation of microwave brightness temperature for lunar surface

    11. Lunar Resources and their Utilization

    12. Study of Launch Window Design for Lunar Soft-landing Mission like the 2nd Stage of China Lunar Exploration Program

    13. analysis on receiving performance degradation of ground station in lunar mission

    14. Surface Delivery of Microrovers: Design Challenges and Solutions

    15. Multipurpose 3D Sensor for Planetary Rover Missions


    17. Complete Lunar Exploration Coverage Analysis

    18. Proposal of Smart Lander for Investigating Moon

    19. Models of the Moon Radiation Environment and a Comparison with the RADOM Experiment Data collected onboard the CHANDRAYYAN-1 mission

    20. The Payload Data Management System for CHANG’E-2

    21. Lunar gravity field based on Chang'E-1

    22. Microwave Heating of Frozen Water Ice/Lunar Regolith for Water Extraction

    23. A Comprehensive Analysis of Lunar Surface System Architectures

    24. The Analysis of energy-saving efficiency of “Lunar-Bus” Launch-Receive space platform

    25. design of a lunar eva suit to mitigate the effect of dust exposure

    26. Astrobotic Technology’s mission for Google Lunar X Prize and Apollo 11 site