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  • 2. Modelling and Risk Analysis


    1. Validation of the ESA-MASTER-2009 space debris population

    2. Modeling of LEO orbital debris populations in centimeter and millimeter size regimes

    3. ORDEM2010 and MASTER-2009 modeled small debris population comparison

    4. multi-layer insulation model for master-2009

    5. A parametric study on using active debris removal to stabilize the future LEO debris environment

    6. orbital evolution of high area-to-mass ratio debris under the influence of the radiation pressure and gravitational effects

    7. explicit expression of collision probability for space objects in arbitrary-shape orbit

    8. Evaluation of the TLE Predictions for Conjunction Assessment

    9. Optimal Collision Avoidance Maneuver to Maintain a LEO Station Keeping

    10. Effects of Space Debris on the Cost of Space Operation

    11. electromagnetic scattering model of space debris in the resonance region

    12. Updated First Order Value Analysis for Orbital Debris Removal: The Business Case.

    13. An analysis of recent major breakups in the low Earth orbit region

    14. Orbital evolution of the first upper stages used for the new European and Chinese navigation satellite systems in MEO