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    1. Rocketry education for engineering students through a Problem-Based Learning experience

    2. A Prototype-Based Space Systems Design Course

    3. Spacecraft Operations Training Centre (STC)- educational highway from University to spacecraft operations

    4. Testing an innovative boom for microsatellite attitude stabilization: an educational experiment on sounding rocket REXUS-7

    5. ESA Parabolic Flight, Drop Tower and Centrifuge hands-on activities

    6. Promoting STEM Education via the Design, Analysis, Fabrication and Testing of a Simulated Lunar Roving Vehicle

    7. Holding a technical review in an educational project: implementation and lessons learned for the OUFTI-1 CubeSat

    8. Design, Construction and Testing of Sounding Rocket Payloads at The University of Queensland

    9. Pre-mission activities for the space higher education

    10. Collaborative Learning in an Astrobiology Class

    11. Status and future plans for the Norwegian Student Satellite Program, ANSAT

    12. The Summer School Alpbach - FFG's approach for a specialized training in space science

    13. C'SPace, the french Space Camp

    14. space for human benefit and exploration- getting global implementation with the help of graduates and undergraduates.

    15. The Collaboration and co-ordination of a distributed educational CubeSat project