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  • 7. Biology in Space


    1. Gene Expression Measurement Module (GEMM)- the door to high-throughput in-situ analyses of biological systems in Space.

    2. Flexible Membrane Cultivation Chamber Design for Three-Dimensional Human Cell Structure Growth

    3. osteoblast mineralization is inhibited by simulated microgravity using random positioning machine

    4. Bone Architecture and Turnover changes in Wild Type and Pleiotrophin-Transgenic Mice exposed to near zero and 2g environment

    5. Influence of simulated microgravity on cortical (submembrane) cytoskeleton’s structure of the skeletal muscle fibers and cardiomyocytes of rodents

    6. Transversal stiffness of rat’s soleus muscle fibers and cardiomyocytes during the first day of the hindlimb suspension

    7. Secretion of vWF from endothelial cell under altered gravity

    8. simulated microgravity attenuate the responsiveness of cbfa1 to cytokines

    9. The changes of T regulatory cells in the thymus of C57/BL mice after 28 d tail suspension

    10. The influence of altered gravity on gene expression in human cells of the immune system

    11. activation of t cell subset is inhibited after a pre-exposure to modeled microgravity at resting state in an exposure-time dependent manner

    12. Differential protein expression profiling by iTRAQ-2DLC-MS/MS in Arabidopsis thaliana callus under microgravity on board Chinese spacecraft SZ-8