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  • 2B. Moon Exploration – Part 2


    1. Introduction of International Space Exploration Research Institute Activities in Korea

    2. The Technical Characteristic and Fruition of Chang'e-2 Mission

    3. A Rover Vision-Based Relative Localisation System for the RESOLVE Moon Exploration Mission

    4. Wireless Sensor Networks for Moon Exploration

    5. VisOne: Maturing the Lunar Vision-based Absolute Navigation Technology

    6. Lunar Environmental Analog Investigations with the IPG6-B Test Facility: Mini-Magnetospheres, Regolith-Plasma-Spacecraft Interactions

    7. The Mark IV: A Scalable Lunar Miner Prototype

    8. On the Evolution of Energy Supply for Future Habitats on the Moon – An Example based on Lunar Oxygen Production

    9. Research of drilling in the simulated moon vacuum environment

    10. A positioning technology of lunar rover Teleoperation Based on vision