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    1. Comparisons of Observed LET and Simulated HETC-HEDS, PHITS, and HZETRN LET for the CRaTER Instrument

    2. A Concept of Reusable Manned Lunar Lander Based at a Space Station on Cycler Orbit


    4. Nightside Martian ionosphere produced by electron precipitation under different crustal field conditions

    5. Ground Planning for Remote Autonomous Systems

    6. Pressurized Rover for the Lunar Pole – Concept, Mission and Testing Options

    7. mini space farm--a food self-sufficient system in long-term space mission (patent Pending)

    8. Wheel-ground interaction in planetary rovers – Test rig and preliminary tests

    9. Nuclear Space Propulsion Mission to the Oort Cloud: Mission Possibilities and Challenges

    10. Saving the Earth from the Threaten of NEAs: Strengthen the Yarkovsky Effects using Parabolic Mirror to Deorbit Them

    11. Multi-objective Detection Trajectory Optimization Design In Solar System

    12. Space Exploration Benefits for Human Society

    13. List of Potential Target NEOs for Human Missions