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  • 3. Space Weather and Effects: Prediction, Analysis and Protection


    1. Solar Maximum and Spacecraft Protection

    2. A network simulation of solar storm disaster

    3. Study on the Accelerations of Energetic Particles in the Earth’s Radiation Belt

    4. Effect of Space Weather Perturbations on Nanosatellite Communications and Sub Systems

    5. third party verification based reliability assurance technique of space semiconductor device

    6. The basic concepts of anticipating single event effect rates

    7. Anti-SEU effect methods of spacecraft and its evaluation

    8. The Transient Pulses Induced by Laser in Bipolar Junction Transistor

    9. Radiation Effect on Imagers for Space Applications

    10. Mission Results of High Voltage Technology Demonstration Satellite “Horyu-2”

    11. Study of spacecraft surface charging with different secondary electron emission of dielectric

    12. Mitigation Method of Preventing Secondary Arcing on Solar Array by using Capacitor and Inductor

    13. A Method of Controlling Floating Potential for Space Station Based on Ion Current Magnification