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  • 1. Commercial Space Flight Safety and Emerging Issues


    1. Regulating the safety of suborbital flights in Europe: Navigating through the labyrinth of competences of the EU, its Member States and EASA

    2. The First Decade of Space Tourism

    3. Certification and Safety aspects relating to the Transport of Passengers into Suborbital Space through the Use of High Altitude Balloons

    4. Cost of design-to-safety : the Astrium Spaceplane showcase

    5. Dassault Aviation's suborbital projects: roots and prospective

    6. Establishing a Regulatory Framework for the Development and Operations of Sub-orbital and Orbital Aircraft (SOA) in the EU

    7. Certification of a suborbital aircraft

    8. Aerothermodynamic and System Analysis of a small Hypersonic AirPlane (HyPlane)

    9. Determining appropriate failure probabilities for probabilistic analysis of new commerical spaceflight vehicles

    10. Flying Naked – A Cost Benefit Analysis of the Use of Pressure Suits in Suborbital Spaceflight

    11. Commercial Human Spaceflight: Self-regulation Is The Future

    12. suborbital flights soaring. From experimental to operational : implementation of regulations and promotion of space tourism and other suborbital activities