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  • 3. On Track - Undergraduate Space Education


    1. Design and Development of a Microgravity Stowage System Specific for Deep Space Exploration

    2. Educational Lessons Learned from the First-MOVE CubeSat Mission

    3. perceived value of student participation in the field of aerospace engineering from a student’s perspective.

    4. Concurrent Design Facility in an academic environment

    5. Estonian student satellite program

    6. Experience in Higher School and Industry Companies Cooperation in Building up Continuous Space Educational System in Ukraine

    7. Stanford Spaceflight Initiative: Lessons in Student Space Entrepreneurship

    8. EEE+18 Space Education Programm a Success Story of Educational Innovation in Colombia

    9. How Can a Group of 3rd Year University Students Design a Real Nano-Satellite? A Case Study at Delft University of Technology

    10. Aerospace education and outreach impact on undergraduate students in Costa Rica: challenges and accomplishments

    11. Shaping Our Future Through Integrate Product Team