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  • 3. Mission Operations, Validation, Simulation and Training


    1. The 2014 Earth Return of the ISEE-3/ICE Spacecraft

    2. BRITE-Austria mission operations phase - first results and lessons learned

    3. Cluster II: an optimized thermal strategy to avoid spacecraft excess cooling during the long power down eclipses in 2012 and beyond

    4. Preparation, Conduction and Analysis of a training exercise Mars Analogue Mission: ISOMARS 2014

    5. Geological exploration of other planets: Insights from terrestrial desert, sea, and polar field campaigns.

    6. x-band antenna tracking parameter file generation method for multi-satellite operation system

    7. SPDM Ground Testing of the Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM) Phase II and Main Bus Switching Unit (MBSU) R&R Operations

    8. Rule-based Planning Toolkit for Operational Planning Systems

    9. Preparation and Validation of Defence Research and Development Canada’s (DRDC) Microsatellite Ground Station

    10. assurance cases for validation of initial-phase microsatellite mission operations

    11. The Sumbandila Mission Control System as a diagnostic and training tool

    12. Realization of Transport Vehicles Operations Taking into Account Off-Nominal Situations