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  • 5. Earth Observation Applications and Economic Benefits


    1. EO applications and economic impacts for underwater cultural heritage (UCH): first results from the EU FP7 ITACA project

    2. Earth Observation Commoditization and Growth

    3. COSMO-SkyMed® data for crop monitoring

    4. Implementation Of Assisted Space Technology In The Development Of National Infrastructure In Thailand

    5. Evaluating the relationship between forest degradation, recovery, and conservation efforts with Landsat imagery in southeastern Brazil

    6. Remote Sensing and GIS a Tool to Map Land Areas for Fadama Farming in Bashar Plateau State, Nigeria.

    7. Earth Observation for Development - ESA

    8. Monitoring Environmental Effects of Hydraulic Fracturing Using Remote Sensing: Tracking Fracking

    9. Beijing series small Earth observation satellites and service

    9. multitemporal cosmo-skymed data applications: overview on small and medium enterprises opportunities

    10. Wide Area Surface Movement Detection and Monitoring in Millimetre Precision from Space.

    11. Discovering patterns of change in Desert-Fringe Ecosystems

    12. Emerging capabilities in satellite observations of the atmosphere that will decrease uncertainty in quantifying global warming