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    1. Recognition of spatial images and the analysis that modulate la variability the some pest of bean crops in Mexico.

    2. smile distortion extent estimation for hyperspectral datacubes

    3. COSMO-SkyMed tandem-like SAR interferometric DEM: analysis and avaluation

    4. Analysis of CNT Based IR Detector for Space Applications

    5. Low Cost Design of PSD Based 2-Axis Digital Sun Sensor for Cubesat Missions

    6. High accuracy measurement technology for satellite deployable bar's small angle deformation based on the laser devices and position sensors

    7. GENESIS – Generator of spectral image simulations

    8. Radiation Effects on High Resolution Digital InSb Imaging Detector

    9. Why the MICROSTAR Accelerometer can improve the GRASP Mission?

    10. Klystron development for E.O. sensors: feasibility study and current development

    11. real-time measurement of line of sight drift in space cameras by a built-in electro-optical system

    12. Optical Power Control Filters for Earth Observation Sensors

    13. Hyperspectral imaging in Cubesats : A possibility and promising technology for developing nations

    14. Miniaturized Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer for Thermosphere Density and Composition Measurements

    15. Exploring cities from space: the use of Earth observation data and GIS for spatial analysis of urban growth on the Island of Taiwan

    16. TRMM-derived rainfall characteristics over Salem

    17. Biomass estimation of shrub using the Polarimetric SAR data

    18. Space data exploitation and GIS modeling as tools for infrastructure management

    19. Lineament Study in Groundwater Exploration Using Spacebased Technology: A Case Study of Owo Lga, Ondo State, Nigeria.

    20. An Assessment of the Relationship between Lineament and Groundwater Productivity in a Part of the Basement Complex, Southwestern Nigeria

    21. Challenges And Prospects of Satellite Mapping in rivers like Bagmati

    22. Lasers in space: the next generation of atmospheric remote sensing

    23. Optimal radar system and configurations for observation of weak current on ocean surface

    24. Virtual Satellite Missions for Earth Observation: Democratizing Access to Space

    25. research on baseband data processing technology for high-speed remote sensing satellite

    26. Real-time earth observation system based on micro-nano networks

    27. Development of a plug-n-play modular reconfigurable space remote sensing payload for responsive Earth observation missions

    28. State of the Art and Perspectives of Orbital Constellation in Russia to Emergency Monitoring

    29. radarsat constellation mission (rcm)

    30. Progress in Spectroscopic Lidar for future laser remote sensing of atmospheric composition

    31. litesat performance optimization given attitude constraints and unique missile shape structure

    32. OSCMS: Ocean Surface Current Mission Study results


    34. The COSMO-SkyMed constellation monitoring of the Italian territory: the Map Italy project

    35. lightning observations from space can provide early warning of severe weather around the globe

    36. The Future of the Commercial Remote Sensing Sector: Examining the Role of Evolving Technology, Economic, and Strategic Factors

    37. GNSS Radio Ocultation: a tool for Climate Investigations

    39. High Resolution Nano-Satellite Imagery: Light-Weight and Low-Cost System Design Using Membrane Optics

    39. Seahawk; a Nanosatellite Mission for Sustained Ocean Observation.

    40. Attitude Steering To Achieve near zero doppler residual for SAR based imaging - A novel approach