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  • 9. Space Culture


    1. Project Adrift: The process behind an experiential arts project about space junk.

    2. Rosetta, Philae: why such a media success?

    3. Space programme development in Ethiopia: Challenges and Accomplishment

    4. Scientific Domesticity - Transforming prosaic domesticity and space education through the wonder of speculative science.

    5. Establishing Independent Aerospace Research Programs in a Developing Country: Ditsö Program and the Costa Rica experience

    6. Analysis of Space Social Event Attendance and Maximizing Effectiveness

    7. The Minovitch Method aims, in conversation and collaboration with scientists and engineers, to explore and extend the ways in which we are capable of departing from Earth, the solar system and beyond.

    8. The public picked Option X, now what? Bolstering NASA's decision-making processes by appropriately soliciting public input

    9. The New Frontier of Education and Personal Wisdom - How to Study Directly with NASA Legends, Rock Stars and Award Winning Entrepreneurs

    10. Down to Earth: A framework for emphathising with scientific data and invisible threats.

    11. Public Choice and Astrobiology; A case study: The life, The sea and The Space Viking; a digital app and open debate to biological selection and spatial colonization.